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ZAU Chorale: PRO
Lerato J Thotolo

Pastor and Shephardess Adrian Choongo


John Mwesa and Twaambo Siavwapa on the Silimba.
The ZAU Chorale is one of a few, if any, who use the "African Piano", as it is commonly referred to by the ZAU community.  We will soon do a feature on the Silimba in the near future. 
In the picture we have Mr. John Mwesa and Twaambo siavwapa playing for the ZAU Chorale.

Find out more about Mwesa on our Feature of the Week page.

This week we also feature pictures from the wedding of one of our own - Ps. Adrian Chongo, a former member who recently graduated.(Pictures)

Nusa Shingalili talks with Mr. Lunga J Sianagowa on the ZAU Chorale

Mr. Lunga Sianagowa is a member of staff at Zambia Adventist University-in the department of music.  He comes from a family of five and he is the fourth born.  Mr. Sianagowa was born in Chipata in the Western Province of Zambia.  He began his primary education in Copperbelt and later completed his secondary education in Botswana.  It’s very encouraging to know that Mr. Sianagowa is from the Southern Province of Zambia and decides to reside in the same area.  Upon completion of his secondary education, he came back to Zambia and enrolled at Evelyn Hone College to study music.  In 2004 he graduated with a diploma in music with education.

 After his graduation, he worked as a teacher at one of the private schools in Lusaka.  Mr. Sianagowa came to know of the university after visiting the institution with the Evelyn Hone College Campus Ministries in 2006.  It is important to note that, at the time of his visit to ZAU he was director of the college’s choir and the famous Lusaka Central Church Choir. 

  Despite the institution being small and less furnished, Mr. Sianagowa still decided to enroll so as to do his Bachelor’s Degree in music.  However, at that point in time music was not yet among the offered courses at ZAU but he still kept the faith.  By September music was officially introduced after Mr. John Mwesa came back from East Africa.  He however, confessed that it was not easy at the beginning as they did not have any instruments. The only instrument they had for the first six to seven months was a small piano that he came with from Evelyn Hone.  However, he proudly said the department has grown.

  Mr. Sianagowa, who is the music director for the ZAU Chorale at present, joined in 2007 after it was introduced by Mr. Mwesa, the patron for the group.  He was appointed assistant director.  He [Sianagowa] proudly calls Mr. Mwesa the best lecturer in Africa.  When asked how he managed to cope with school work and directing he said it was not a problem to him because it was part of his practice - He also said being the conductor of the group exposed him to another level of music.

He said the group is still gaining ground but has already attended a number of big events and have recorded a debut album entitled Pray.  They are yet to produce their second album and DVD.  Nevertheless, time is a challenge because the members are students.  Mr.  Sianagowa, who is the first student to graduate with BA degree in music in Zambia, said his achievement has encouraged a lot of people to join the department of music.  

He further sends a message to all chorale members that they are all special people and wishes them God’s blessings.  

Mr. Sianagowa does not have a family of his own yet but he is engaged to be married soon.