Feature of the week

This week we feature an article on our very own John A. Mwesa.  He is currently the Patron for the ZAU Chorale and Lecturer at ZAU.

Nusa Shingalili talked to John A. Mwesa

Who is Mr. John Anderson Mwesa?

Mr. John A Mwesa is a lecturer at Zambia Adventist University, in the department of Music and at the same time he is dean of the school of science and technology as well as humanities and social sciences.

Mr. Mwesa is married and is a father of seven children.

He began his primary education in the Luapula Province of Zambia where he did his sub A and B as well as standard one to three.  He later went to Zimbabwe where he did his secondary education at Solusi High School between 1957 and 1959.  After completion of his secondary school, Mr.Mwesa did his Primary Teaching with a Higher certificate (PTH) at Lower Gwero Teachers College in Zimbabwe.

In 1961 Mr. Mwesa came back to Zambia and started teaching at Rusangu Primary School until 1966 when he was transferred to Rusangu Secondary School until 1974.  Mr. Mwesa proudly notes that he was one of the first black teachers to teach at Rusangu Secondary School.  While at Rusangu, Mr. Mwesa served as a boarding master.  He also taught Mathematics and Civics, and he was also in charge of sport.  

He went to Evelyn Hone College for three years,from 1974 to '77, to pursue a diploma in music.  From 1977 to '79 he went to Kitwe to lecture music.  It’s important to know that Mr. Mwesa has taught at all levels of education starting from primary school to university levels.  1979 he was appointed as Inspector of Lecturers in Zambia.  Fortunately, he got a scholarship to pursue his first degree with music in England from 1979.  In 1984 he acquired his Masters’ degree in music.

However, he still maintained his position as Inspector of Lecturers even in his absence.  After his return from England in 1989, he was appointed Principal Inspector for teachers of music.  From 1993 to 1994 he joined a Canadian program for teachers where he was called a mathematics and education specialist.

In 1994, Dr. Pardon Mwansa convinced Mr. Mwesa to "join the church and quit working for the government," and so, in 1995 Mr. Mwesa started lecturing at
the University of East Africa Baraton, Kenya.  At the time he went to Baraton, music was a minor program.  However, he managed to develop it to a major program.

In the December of 2005 Mr. Mwesa came back to Zambia with a mission to proceed to Solusi University but he was convinced to come to ZAU by the then Vice Chancellor of Zambia Adventist University, Mr. Mwenda Mulundano and the late Zambia Union president and Chancellor Ps. C.  Matandiko.  At the time when he came, the university did not offer music as he was the first lecturer in that field.  "We had no instruments and all we used were books from the library and some of my own material," he said.  Nevertheless, the department has grown and a number of instruments have been bought and more are still to be bought in the coming year.

It was at the same time that he formed "the mighty" ZAU Chorale.  He, however, confessed that the choir that existed then might have been killed by the introduction of the chorale. He further said , "The major challenge that the chorale is facing is attendance and lack of concentration by the members."  Nevertheless, he wants the chorale to improve their sound and costume.

One of the big plans that he has for the group is a tour Zambia and Southern Africa.  He further edged all chorale members "to be serious and to keep the faith."

Mr Mwesa is also the current ZAU Chorale Patron.